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Aix les Bains    -   Tourist information office    Hosting    regulation, conditions    entry fee,    awards       version Française English version
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 Tournament of "Le Mondial des Jeux de l'Esprit" 

The place: conference hall The Conference hall is in 5mn walking from the Station FNRC in "Aix les Bains", France, The Alps

Some games of the top group were live broascasted on  

From Saturday, 15 till Sunday, November 16th, 2008
played in round 5  
2 x 1h15
   plus byomi  15 stones for 5 mn

Friday, November 14th, 2008
    Reception,  confirmation of the pre-registrations  and  payment of the registration fees from 15:00 pm
Saturday, november 15th, 2008
    Reception,  confirmation & last registrations  and  payment of the registration fees from 8:30 to 9:30 am
    1st round from 10:00 am
    2nd round from 2:30 pm
    3rd round from 6:00 pm

Sunday, November 16th, 2008
    4th round from 9:00 am
    5th round from 1:30 pm
Awards Ceremony: Sunday, November 16th from 5:00 pm 

The conditions

All was members of a Go Federation
Level Registration: complies with the new rules since 1 September 2008:


Rules: French rule
komi : 7.5 points,
Full Handicap tournament, except the top group
System & criteria: Mac-Mahon
The player who did not play a round give 1 point to his opponent

French rules : When ending the game, dame have to be filled
and white has to play the last move of the game. So when black plays the last dame,
white has to give a stone to black territory or fill one move in his own territory.
At the end we count territory and prisonners (as the japanese way).
More details can be found here :

There was 4 categories for awards
- 16 better players
- most of 3K (less 16 better)
- of 3K in 12K
- of 13K in 30K

Entry fee

         15 euros
          + 10euros for players with no Preregistration

Awards table

1st category
The 16 best player   

2nd category
 level> or = 3K       
3rd category
level 12 k to  4K         
4th category
level 30 k to  13K  
    1st     800 euros         5 win         400 euros     5 win         200 euros     5 win         100 euros
    2nd     600 euros         4 win         150 euros     4 win           75 euros     4 win           50 euros
    3rd     400 euros     SYP           75 euros     SYP           50 euros     SYP           50 euros
    4th     300 euros
    5th     200 euros
    SYP        100 euros

SYP = Special Youth Price

Special price was awarded to the best young person of less than 18 years not outdone
This price was not combined with the other prices classification of the category.


Notre Dame des Eaux ** Astoria ***   Campings
Booking hotel by Booking by . Formule 1 in  La Motte-Servolex
(road route 10mn)
Hostel in Aix les Bains, from 15 to 16
(2 nights) pour 2 people
Hostel in Aix les Bains, from 15 to 16
(2 nights) for a lonely one
Youth Hostel